Zdravo Živo

BistRaw Zdravo Živo  uses only thermally unprocessed food, or food that has not been processed at a temperature above 46 degrees Celsius. Preparation is by chopping, blending, sprouting, soaking, marinating, or dehydrating.

You will try only naturally grown and gluten-free dishes!

In this menu you will find selectively chosen meals, nutritionally rich in proteins, vitamins and enzymes.

These meals are just a small part of our offer, which is different for 365 days a year.

Kiwi hemp seed yogurt

Yogurt made with kiwi, hazelnuts, hemp seeds and other fruits.

Fresh fruit salad

Find your perfect healthy salad. Visit our restaurant to try the most delicious fruit salads.

Healthy can be Delicious

Simple Ingredients. Great Recipes

Health Starts Here

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